10 best Matte Liquid & solid Lipsticks 2018

Liquid Matte Finish Lipsticks


Matte means without shine and having dry look. But we cannot restrict it to dry only as moisturizing mattes are also available in markets which makes it definition in between glossy and matte.

Liquid lipsticks seem to be glossy in appearance but actually not. Such lipsticks can only be applied as a liquid because of the presence of more oils, polymers and accordingly less wax than traditional lipsticks. Opaque they appear as they dry and gives almost chalky and matt finish type look with slightly hard lips and giving eye-catching look.


It is in between the shimmer finish and matte finish. Its texture is better than typical matte finish, means not too much dry and not too much creamy. It is neither equal to cream nor purely matte. In short, we can assume it as an intermediate effect lipstick.

10 best Matte Liquid & solid Lipsticks 2018

There are a thousand reasons to love  It doesn’t budge, the colour is bold, and generally, all you need is a swipe of it and you’ve got a look. Which matters do wear by that look as good as they feel? The recs they came back with won’t disappoint.
This formula goes on liquid and quickly dries down to a matte. That already makes it easier to apply than a heavy dry lipstick, but what really makes all the difference is the pigment: Because it’s so bold, you don’t need to swipe on more than one layer to get an even colour.



Market trend:

Matte lipsticks are now proving a growing business these days as matte lipsticks are classy. A new race has begun between cosmetics companies in order to introduce new formulations for the purpose of capturing the market which is in love with matte. Chalky nature is proving a hurdle which highlights the imperfections on lips but its solution is also being introduced in the market. It is the only hurdle left otherwise market trend shows a profitable look.



These lipsticks are being made by process of mixing of organic and inorganic pigments. If we talk about the filling agents then matte lipsticks have more filling agents, for example, silica, but on the other end, matte lipsticks do not have emollients, which is a preparation that softens the skin. In this way, it gives a look, hard look, which forms the structure on lips but on the other end showing little bit imperfections of lips too.



How to use?

Matte lipsticks can be used by following steps.

  1. Wash or rub your lips with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells to apply any color as it makes lips rough and uneven.
  2. Add moisture as per need.
  3. Finish rest of the makeup.
  4. In order to get the perfect shape, use an inner lip.
  5. Now apply matte lipstick with care.
  6. In end, dry lips by using tissue paper.



Matte lipsticks are usually clean, the little bit chalky and provide an extra touch to a beautiful look. On another end, regular lipsticks can give this. The only issue that the majority face is the drying nature which is caused as per trend. In order to cover this issue, the only solution left is to hydrate lips with the lip balm as per need and then again applying a touch of colour. Matt looks like powdered but in actual these persist for a longer time and don’t transfer or make things dirty.

A matte lip showing excellent impact has now become a powerful accessory. Its excellent look has a beautiful impact. Matte lipstick leaves lip with an excellent finish which attracts people up to the maximum extent. Whichever shade we choose, it is not easy to pull off a look. These seem flawless.


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