Daily Archives: August 7, 2018

How to get rid of bumps on face- Causes & Treatment

How to get rid of bumps on face? Small white bumps appear on our face more than often. These are complex to handle as these cannot be fixed with the ease. These are formed under the skin and people usually confuse these bumps with acne but in fact, it isn’t that. They look like a little yellow or sometimes white ...

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How to clean makeup sponges-Super & Easy Way

How to clean makeup sponges? When there is a woman, there is a sponge. Women are incomplete without makeup and sponge is considered necessary, when we talk about the makeup as it let you blend amazingly. These are actually for the application of foundation in a fantastic manner. These are easy to use and do the finest job of blending. ...

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How to make your eyebrows grow | Sneakymakeup

How to make your eyebrows grow? As a matter of fact, our face is defined with our eyebrows. Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were considered stylish. Personally, I don’t like them as well. These days many people worried about How to make your eyebrows grow, and also bold and thick eyebrows are in fashion. If your eyebrows are ...

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