7 Simple Makeup Looks & Complete guidelines 2018

7: simple makeup looks & Tips To Help You Look  Your Best

The concept of simple makeup looks takes a laugh to everyone’s profile and why? Because partying means good things, great food, fun, news and good business. So are you able to party night? No? What’s keeping you back?

If it has anything to do with not doing able to find the right design look, then fret no more! This chapter is committed to leading you through the night makeup method.

simple makeup looks

Do you try with makeup? It means it is hard to guess out how much to use without getting yourself look like a total fool. You need to look good, but you don’t require the trouble of a difficult makeup habit that stops your skin from existing up your simply lovely self!  Pure makeup is very trendy now, and it is comfortable than ever to give some quick moments every morning improving the fairness you already own with some easy methods and products. If you are a fan of simple makeup, you are will prefer these suggestions and methods.

simple makeup looks


1: Simple Foundation

The tricky stuff about getting a plain appearance with your makeup is coverage. You desire to cover odd skin tone, spots, but you don’t need to seem like a  mess! some suggestions are as

simple makeup looks

  • – Make certain your skin is fresh and moisturized before using any foundation
  • – Use a foundation brush for applying and mixing out from the middle of your face


2: Natural Brows

I  firmly believed that eyebrows can affect a look. For well-brushed brows, just do the following:

simple makeup looks

– Use an eyebrow comb to brush hairs up, showing the plain brow line

– Take a set of tweezers and separate any stray hairs

– Get an eyebrow pencil one to two colors brighter than your normal hair color and follow the base of your actual brow line

– Proceed using the pencil on top, beginning in the middle and moving behind to the end of your eyebrow.

– Get a spoolie and combine the pencil up into your brow, removing any hard lines


  1. Full Lips

If you desire a fuller lip but not a fan of applying bright, strong lipstick, try this helpful method:

simple makeup looks


  • Use a non-drying concealer to your lips and outline the margin with a dusty rose pencil. This would cause them to appear bigger.
  •  Applying a lip brush, fill them in by a pink lipstick
  •  Complete the look off with a finish for dimension and glow

      4: Nude Lips

A nude pencil can form the sharp, smooth, true finish on your lips, but without any kind of moisturizer, it can be really dull. That is the contrast of something you need.

simple makeup looks

  •  Begin  by using a super moisturizing lip cream
  •  Get a nude pencil and outline the lips by staying near to your actual lip line and using soft strokes to fill them  in
  •  Complete the look with a coat of colored lotion in a color alike to your lip pencil
  1. Eye Pop

To accomplish an original, “no makeup” look, you need to limit the number of products you apply. This easy method is ideal for natural eye makeup:


simple makeup looks

  • – Use a  brown colored pencil to your waterline
  • – Blend a shimmery shadow to the inside and outside duct area
  • – Applying a dark eyeliner pencil, outline your outer eyelid, beginning in the middle. You need to slowly expand the liner as you work your way out.


  1. No Makeup, Makeup

Gain an appearance with some simple products and  follow these steps:

simple makeup looks

  • – Begin by cleaning your face and applying moisturizer
  • – Cover your eyelid and below the eye area
  • – Using a brow pencil that matches your normal hair color, gently fill in your eyebrows and combine with a brow brush
  • – Next, get an eyeshadow that is brighter than your skin color and use it to the inner corner of     your lid and brow line
  • – Follow the bright shadow by one that is a bit duller than your skin tone.
  • – Use an angled brush and line your top lash, beginning from the outer corner and going your way in as far as you want
  • – Do the same on your base lash line
  • – Top it all off by turning your lashes and using a good cover of mascara

     7: Fresh Face

This “no makeup” method doesn’t require any foundation! If that seems appealing, check it out!

simple makeup looks

  • – Rather than foundation, begin with a BB cream or colored moisturizer with SPF
  • – Coat your eyelid with a bright brown shadow and then use brown or black eyeliner to the          lashline
  • – Cover lashes in mascara
  • – Applying a brow brush, comb eyebrow hairs up
  • – Polish the look with a coral finish or lipstick

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