How to clean makeup sponges-Super & Easy Way

How to clean makeup sponges?

When there is a woman, there is a sponge. Women are incomplete without makeup and sponge is considered necessary, when we talk about the makeup as it let you blend amazingly. These are actually for the application of foundation in a fantastic manner. These are easy to use and do the finest job of blending. The most amazing thing about these sponges is that these are reusable so you don’t need to buy it often unless and until it breaks.

Like other reusable makeup tools, these sponges need cleaning properly on a regular basis. It isn’t so difficult to clean it though it’s a bit tricky. How to clean makeup sponges? there is a complete article here.

How to clean makeup sponges

Clean makeup sponges with ease

Here are a few simple ways one can adapt to clean makeup sponges. No matter what way you choose to cleanse it on a regular basis, the first task should be cleaning it thoroughly with fresh water. This is the only way, other tips and tricks are going to work. Prefer warm water and hold it in your hand and turn on the tap. Squeeze it to remove water out of it. Now, it’s the right time to move further.

How to clean makeup sponges?

Liquid soap can help

In this scenario, liquid soap i.e. a baby shampoo or dish soap can do wonder. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is take a few drops of any of the defined liquid soaps onto your hand and roll the sponge over your hand well. When it successfully absorbs the soap, rinse it with water and then squeeze so that it could drop all the excess water out of it.

Repeat this several times until you get crystal clean water coming out of it. Now, let it dry and its ready to use again. You can choose to dry it with the help of any absorbing cloth like a towel. Wrap towel or any other piece of cloth around your sponge with gentle hands to get water out of it.

How to clean makeup sponges

Solid soap can help

If liquid soap isn’t available, you can make use of a solid soap in this regard as well. All you need to do is make the soap wet with water and rub it gently until your palm gets coated with soap lather. Now it is right time to get sponge into your hands and rub the soap lather gently over it for a few seconds. After the sponge is done absorbing it, rinse it with water and squeeze gently. Repeat the process three to four times or until you get crystal clear water on squeezing it.

You can choose to rub the sponge over the soap directly but it may break it as it is really soft and need to be handled with utmost care.

If soap doesn’t work the best for cleaning all of the makeup stains from it, you can choose to soak your makeup sponge in warm water for half an hour and then experiment any of the above-listed ways to cleans it.

How to clean makeup sponges


Stop breakouts by washing and renewing your reusable sponge. Reusable makeup sponges are produced of a microbial tight foam. While these high-quality tools are intended to be reused, they can get bacteria and decay if not cared for well and returned often.
Wash your reusable sponge at limited once a week. If you are likely to breakouts, wash your sponge after each use.
Renew your eco-friendly sponge every 3 to 4 month

Throw Away
Throw away daily makeup sponges after 1 use. Essential foam powder sponges are not designed for multiple uses. These products secure bacteria that could cause diseases and breakouts. After doing a foam sponge, throw the stock away. Do not try to wash these sponges. If you are viewing for a reusable sponge, buy a microbial tight foam sponge, or blender.

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