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How to make your eyebrows grow?

As a matter of fact, our face is defined with our eyebrows. Gone are the days when thin eyebrows were considered stylish. Personally, I don’t like them as well. These days many people worried about How to make your eyebrows grow, and also bold and thick eyebrows are in fashion. If your eyebrows are properly shaped, it enhances your overall look. Here, we are going to discuss a few effective home remedies that assist you to make your eyebrows grow.

But before moving towards that, one more thing to mention here is don’t expect it to be an overnight miracle as growing eyebrows takes time and you have to be patient while trying all these remedies.

How to make your eyebrows grow

Make your eyebrows grow with castor oil 

Forgetting thick eyebrows and to make them grow fast as well, castor oil is one of the old and most effective things. It helps hair follicles to grow due to the presence of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants in it.

The best way to utilize castor oil to make your eyebrows grow is to take a few drops and massage with fingertips into your eyebrows. Make sure you apply it on roots for the best results. Leave it for half an hour. Then, wash your face.

How to make your eyebrows grow

Make your eyebrows grow with olive oil

The reason for which olive oil is considered the best for hair growth is the presence of vitamins E and A in it. Try it once a day and you will feel the difference within a week or so.

The way to make your eyebrows grow with olive oil is the same as with the castor oil. Take a few drops of olive oil and massage it into the eyebrow roots with your fingertips. Leave it for an hour and wash your face afterward.

How to make your eyebrows grow

Make your eyebrows grow with Aloe Vera

The presence of aloenin inside Aloe Vera promotes hair growth. Aloe Vera gel isn’t much sticky and gets absorbed into your brows within a few minutes of the message.

Scoop the Aloe gel out by peeling off its outer leaf. This gel is utilized for messaging into your eyebrows. Try your best to give your eyebrow roots the best message with its gel until it gets completely absorbed. Wash your face after a few minutes.

How to make your eyebrows grow

Make your eyebrows grow with onion juice 

A few of us know but onion juice is considered the best for growing hair of eyebrows. It is because it contains a huge quantity of sulfur, minerals, selenium, Vitamin B & C. All these combine to work like a miracle for your eyebrows hair growth.

In this regard, all you need to do is cut the onion into pieces and make a paste out of it, making use of a blender. Strain this paste and separate the juice of onion. Apply this to your eyebrows and its roots with the cotton ball and leave for an hour.

After an hour, take another cotton ball, dip it in diluted lemon juice to remove the smell.

So now, you don’t need to waste your money in this regard. Be patient, and try these simple remedies, which can do a much better job than costly medicines.

How to make your eyebrows grow

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