Is Black Eye Makeup The Most Trending Thing Now?

Learn All About Black Eye Makeup From This Politician.

Years back, the Pink color was every girl’s first priority. But now those days are gone, nowadays blacks and whites are every girl’s favorite because modern girls love fashion as well as classy look. When it comes to eyeliners or eye makeup, girls really love the dark and classy Black Eye Makeup. Back in time, girls were restricted by their parents to use the black eyeshadows but now this black eye makeup with a few black eyeshadows looks lit.

So with the growing modern world, most of the parents nowadays well educated and open-minded and they allow their child to do things as they love. That’s why nowadays every girl wears black eye makeup to look more beautiful and boys also love to see their girls wearing it.

Black Eye Makeup

Special Occasions to Wear Black Eye Makeup

Before getting started into the actual tutorial, we would like to tell you the main events where girls like you should always wear this amazing makeup on your eyes. The first event we would recommend to you is the evening parties. Yes, girls look really amazing in this makeup in the dim evening. Also, you can wear it for birthday parties and small celebrations. But the main enjoyable moment is the Halloween party. You can do a good looking eye makeup for Halloween parties, and it really looks good while wearing half covered masks.


eye makeup

Tips to Choose the Correct Black Eye Makeup Kit

Just wait a few minutes more to read the full tutorial because choosing the best makeup kit is as important as doing makeup. Here are some pro tips suggested by our professionals to choose the best makeup kit. Following are the things to keep in mind while buying a Makeup Kit for Eyes.

  • Do not use Glitter Type Eye Makeup.
  • Prefer to use the matte type Makeup because that looks formal and classy.
  • If you’re from those girls, who love glitters then you can use glitter but only for events like parties.
  • It does not make any sense using glitter makeup while an Interview. That’s why we recommend you to go for Matte Effects.
  • Always use branded products because low-quality products can harm your eyes.

That’s all that you need to know while buying makeup kit now let’s move on to your Black Eye Makeup Tutorial.

Step by step Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 – Collect all your Makeup Kit Products

You must collect all your products before starting the actual makeup because if in between you forget something then it may make you look weird. Following are the things which you must have before starting makeup.

  1. Black Eye Shadow
  2. Foundation
  3. Shimmer (Color may vary as per your choice)
  4. Silver Shimmer
  5. Liner
  6. Mascara
  7. Pencil Type Kajal
  8. Lash Curler
  9. Primer (Optional)
  10. Brown Colored Eye Pencil

Step 2 – Get started with correcting Eye Floaters

Start applying Foundation over your Eye Lids to make them look good and you can also apply this under your eyes if you have some dark circles. Primer is optional but if you want your makeup to last long for a day or half, we would suggest you use a primer. That will make your eye look good for a bit more time.

Step 3 – Apply Black Eye Shadows

In the next step, use your fingertips to apply black eyeshadows gently over your both of the Eye Lids. If you have the shadow applicator brush, then you must use that to apply it more evenly and efficiently. For those who’re going to do this with the fingers, here’s a pro tip to use the tiny finger because that makes the perfect shape.

Step 4 – Apply Color Shimmer

Use your favorite color shimmer to magnify the looks of your eyes. Here’s a tip and that is to apply the color over the center part and then spread it evenly over whole lids. You can use any color you want but dark green, peach and purple seem the best for this step.

Step 5 – Re-correct Black Eye Shadows

You might be wondering, that this is already told in the third step but for a better look, professionals recommend to re-apply black shadows after applying the color shimmer. As the color shimmer saturates the skin tone, reapplication of black shadows enhances the beauty.

Step 6 – Use White Shimmer

If you’re reading this from the top, you’re now done with the half part of Black Eye Makeup, now use some white color shimmer for getting white shadows over your eyelids. That will enhance the looks of your eyes and as well as yours.

Step 7 – Applying Eye Liner

This is one of the most important part and the factor which affects the looks of the eyes most. Because eyeliner is the border over your eyes so you need to do it with care. It should neither look thicker nor thinner.

Step 8 – Using Pencil Kajal over Eyes

This is the must step in every Black Eye Makeup process. You must apply Kajal over your eyes that makes eyes more good looking and gives the classy feel. For more enhancement, you can use it under your rims.

Step 9 -Applying Mascara

This can’t be left as optional. Mascara is the second last finishing step in this process of doing classy eye makeup. Make sure to finish this process by applying mascara.

Step 10 – Curling Eye Lashes

This is the last and the final step which enhances the beauty and extracts the best look of your eyes. If you want your eyes to look more good then this is a must process for you.

That’s all done. You’re finished with your classy Black Eye Makeup of your eyes. Look into the mirror again to get to know how your eyes are looking now. If you still want better looks, then you can highlight your eyes a bit more using the black and white shimmers. Also, you can apply some silver shimmer again to enhance the beauty more. Thanks a lot for giving us your valuable time by staying on our page. For more quality styling tutorials, make sure to visit us again.

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