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Premium and reliable makeup brands list 2018

Finding the top makeup brand for you becomes a bit challenging because when you start searching for it, you end up with several options. Makeup brands manufacture beauty products like lipstick, mascara, eye lines, face foundation, perfumes and much more. Neither all the brands manufacture the high-quality products, nor are their prices same. A few brands are better in comparison to others, for sure. So, if you are looking for the top makeup brands list, this is the right place.


Choosing the high-quality beauty products is crucial because it makes you look gorgeous and youthful. Keeping in mind the high-quality, fame, and class, here is the list of top 5 makeup brands for you that one can rely on.

Top 5 makeup brands list


For many years, one brand has managed to remain on top players of best beauty brands i.e. Macintosh. Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan established this brand. This trustworthy beauty brand proffers the customers an incredible and high-quality range of beauty care products. The reason behind the popularity of this brand is that it addresses the needs of every class i.e. it manufactures the best quality products ranging from low to high prices so everyone can choose to afford cosmetic products from this brand.


Revlon is one of the most trusted cosmetic brands after the one listed above. The effective results of this brand add to its prominence amongst beauty conscious people with each passing day. The people from around the globe trust this brand incredibly and utilize its products. Other than common products, the hair hues as well as nail hues by this brand are admired much.



Another beautifying cosmetic brand available is Maybelline. Not merely in Pakistan but this is considered one of the trusted brands all over the world. This brand is trusted by the beauty conscious ladies for getting prepared for the special events. The finest and supreme cosmetic products by this reliable brand proffer the ladies everything regarding beauty which makes them look ever gorgeous and pretty.


L’Oreal is another reliable cosmetic brand that simply managed to earn reputation all over the world by manufacturing hair shading items. As the time passed, it added to the range of products it manufactures and now, it manufactures a wide array of cosmetic products, which are better than lots of other manufacturers.


When we talk about the top makeup brands list in the present time era, the last but not the least brand is Etude. This brand has earned fame within a very short time period. The reason is definitely its exceptionally produced beauty products, which are healthy for skin too. Etude is trusted by women all over the world for its unwavering quality.

Women are the greatest makeup lovers, without any doubt. They keep on voting for the trustworthy brands and supreme cosmetic products. You never should compromise on the quality of products you use so always choose to buy from this makeup brands list, which is listed after a lot of research.

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