Prom hairstyle for Short, Medium and Long hairs

Prom Night Hair Styles

Girls planning out there for the celebrations of prom night but are confused which hairstyle to select.

Whether braids, curls, pony tails or buns. These styles discussed below will help to select a hair style according to the size of your hair.

Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair never goes out of style. Every girl who have short hair they think that hair styles are not for them it only suites on long hair but it is just a myth. There are many hairstyles which you can go for on prom night. Amazing and very easy to make.If you have short hair and in front. You can twist the front hair and curls the rest of the hair. This is funky look which is easy to make in just five minutes.

Short hair girls can do a messy half bun in very simple tricks. Take your front hairs roll it from behind and you can add glitter and hair pins to give it a fancy look. If any wants a classy look , these shorts curls ( wavy) and volume blow dry will give you a very traditional look. Girls who wearing gowns and party dresses in Prom this will suite the most.

Yes , short hair also can have a braid look which never goes out of trend. A side braid is easy too keep and you can make it within a second.

Prom hairstyles for Medium Hair

Girls who have medium hair have a lot of options to style with any thing whatever they pick. The most romantic hairstyle which is waves and fish style braid. This hair style is fit for prom nights. The most interesting hair style for a trendy and natural look which goes with every dress is low pony tail in which you can also add up floral hairbands. High Buns suites in medium hair which is easy to make and last long. A voluminous high bun will give   a prom night look specially when it is ash brown hair. Although, another way is half pony tail with ribbons will give a funky look.

The most sassy look is when you wear water fall hairstyles try this it is very classy when you have streaks.  Girls can make bows, roses  and twisted braid with their medium hair.

Prom hairstyles for Long hair

Rapunzel girls are very lucky. The girls who have long hairs can go with many hairstyles like half bun and half twist at the same time. A long floral braid in which you can add flowers roses clips in prom night. There is amazing booho fashion an elegant look in which half hair up is twist half hair down is twist.

If you have thick long straight hair go with Glossy curls with bow in the middle. Heavy buns are another way to give it a natural look. Try back combing hair styles which will be very super classy.

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