The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Contour Face.

How to contour face?

What actually the contouring is? It let you create shadow and light to reshape and resize your face the way you want and in an amazing manner. It is basically meant to highlight your good face features remarkably. If you are new to this world of makeup, you must have a basic knowledge of how to contour face the right way. Applying these scary lines might seem scary to you, but it is done correctly, it can do wonders. It can create anti-aging, lifting or slimming effects on your face. Any other thing in comparison fails to do so.

How to contour face?

Make sure to buy the essentials

Before taking a start, you must have accurate tools for it i.e. makeup as well as brushes. It involves a great deal of blending, so you must have a great sponge or a blender that can do the job perfectly. The highlighter, as well as the bronzer you buy, must match to your skin tone. So, if you have purchased these things from a cool brand, you are ready to start your contouring.

A proper step by step guide to contour your face


The first and foremost step after you are done cleansing your face is priming your face. Apply a good foundation and concealer and then choose to dust on translucent powder that perfectly sets everything and gives it a natural look.


Yes, this is the step where you are meant to apply those scary lines on your face. It may look horrible but after perfect blending, everything sets in its place ideally. This is the most vital step to perform that requires utmost attention from your side.

All you need to do is use your facial bone structure as a guide. This step involves color which is darker and it is meant to develop shadows on your face.

Brush off from those parts which you want to look smaller. It should be applied under jawline, just about near hairline, concave part of the chick bone and sides of the nose. It will help to give a slim look to your face. Moreover, to enhance the cheekbones, brushing must start near the ear and move in the direction of the cheekbone.


You are looking horrible now and you have to start blending soon. Proper blending will make everything perfect. Don’t try to drag anything around as everything is meant to stay in place. All you need to do is tap the skin making use of a blender or a sponge to make it look natural. Try your level best to soften the edges and to make sure there is not a single harsh line appearing on your face. The best recommendation for you in this regard is to make use of a separate blender for dark bits and another for the lighter ones. It won’t let you merge the shades.


After blending, you have to highlight those areas which you want to emphasize by using a light or shiny shade. Under eye area, a tip of the nose and cheekbones are required to enhance through highlighter. A little bit of highlighter must be applied in the middle area of the forehead to add more beauty.

Lastly, apply blush on across your cheeks to give it a final touch and complete rest of your look. You are looking Gorgeous!

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